Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where's The End Of This Story?

At the moment, I feel like something's eating me up. Nothing's going right. This is meant to be the time where all the problems and memories never existed & a new life began. Who ever thought i'd screw up this much. So one to share the pain with. No one seems to understand. I guess in the end we all die all alone. Who's actually there for you until the end...No-One.
I swear, one more thing & im literally going to end my life..

Monday, December 1, 2008

"Life's Not A Book....It Can Be Over In A Second"

This past week has been better than usual to be honest....except i realised i've cried the most this week compared to every other week. After this, you'll realise how much of a sulking sissy i am hahaha

The other night i was tired....just lying against mum. For some reason she started singing a lullaby from the old days. Tear by tear just kept dripping down my face and i didn't even realise. It really sucks knowing that you're sensitive to almost everything life throws at you. I guess there are some bonds you just can't let go of...right? Maybe it's just me.....being scared of losing it all someday.

School's nearly over...decided to rent 'The Lakehouse' from video ezy which i've always intented to watch. It's actually pretty incredible how movies can hit you so hard.....So hard that you cry straight for 20 minutes. This movie just had that whole concept of leaving behind people. It made me think, imagine in one second you lose the only thing or the only person that you ever held on to.....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Night Of My Life =]

Ok....Last night went to see Chris Brown & Rihanna perform.....*no comment* actually all i could say is 'The Best Night Of My Life.' You know what's bad?....My obsession for CB has increased a lot more than it was before... & i know what ur thinking >> yeah how much more obsessed can she get. I gotta admit Rihanna was really good except what she wore only covered 1/3 of her body & part of it was ripping LOLL. Being 1/2 a metre away from being able to touch her was like woahh! The effects & lighting were so pro especially when Rihanna was flying over the mosh pit (Y). Hmm....Chris Brown, how to describe him?....Singer? Actor? Dancer?....'The first [& probs the only] guy that ever made me cry....tears of joy' =D I can't explain how ridiculously good he was last night. The dancers were amazing....the same dancers u saw on Aussie Idol. You could imagine all the girls [& probs some guys] when CB was topless....tbh, i don't like the tank look & all the new facial hair. He was better looking in Excuse Me Miss & Run It.....lanky was good haha =] Oh, Melbourne Crowds are so ridiculous & gets your adrenaline pumping. Feels so good when your hometown have a singing/dancing together moment. All these people were saying how they went in loving Rihanna...But came out obsessing over Chris Brown haha. That's CB for you! =] Got home at 1:00 last night & my head felt like it was gonna blow & since then i've had CB songs stuck in my head...hope it wont make me screw up in the exam tomorrow =="

Friday, September 26, 2008

Party Time =]

Guess somebody up there loved me because i was just in time for the express bus home. Not fun having to wear a dress, but birthday girl's orders! Great party to be honest even though i was the only lankan in a huge room full of indians. But no one could tell except when some uncle randomly started talking to me in Bengali & all i did was nodd haha. I still wouldn't mind knowing what he was saying LOLL. Obviously i'm biased towards the food seeing as i'm an overly obsessed fan of indian food. Curry, Curry & More Curry, not very different to back home. Learning basic indian dance moves was really interesting, but you know what i really like is how all the aunties & uncles just randomly bust a move & it's like dayum!....not like my usual style of street. But at that moment i felt like i was being taken back through the years to Lanka when i was 3 years old with the older cousins, dancing all night long to Indian music, ahh the good ol' days.

Drained =="

Just like i loong day. Went to the Melb. show yesterday with Joel, trying to forget how sick i was feeling. It was surprising how much i didn't spend on toys and showbags. If it was a couple years back, i would've gone crazy buying showbags. But so much money was spent on basically getting in >.<" The biggest highlight was finding this massive section on, that's right....HOODIES BABY! ^^ My jaw literally dropped. With a 2 for $30 offer, how could i resist? Imagine a store with every style of hoodies you could ever imagine =D Day was passing & i was already 1/2 asleep. Now all i had to do was run home asap and get ready for sangita's birthday.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Slowly Recovering wasn't such a good day either, woke up feeling more sore than yesterday & could barely walk >.<" This week seems to be flying by so fast, i can't believe it's Friday tomorrow. Well like i said, today just ran past me & it was soon time for tuition. Like always, i started panicking right before. But i guess this time it wasn't as bad as i thought, actually it was quite amusing. Although at times i had my awkward moments where i couldn't answer questions....most of the time i was trying to bite my lip to keep myself from laughing, thinking about random events.... so close to just bursting out with laughter & i would've been so dead by then but...'saved by the clock phew!' ==" ahh... just realized tomorrow is going to be one full day with lots of running around....gonna be so dead by the end of it.....=S

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mood Swings's been a short day
- Bussed with my sister to knox and came straight back home
- Was in a realli badd mood so i went to sleep it off
- Didn't realize it took me 4 hours to let it all out =="
- But with the energy left in me...did sum jamming with the music blasting full on.... & it felt so damn good! It was like the harder i pushed myself, the more of that negative energy was being released.....
- There was only a certain limit i could reach though.....not practising really does have its consequences & now im sitting here...*drained* & my legs are so sore right now, they literalli feel like they're gonna fall off
- Best way to end the day was talking to 2 mates.....hmm as crazy as they can get.....their humour/vibe is like a drug that makes you forget that nothing ever happened in the first place....
- Gotta get up early tomorrow to go study at the library....take care xo